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August 16, 2020


August 20, 2020

Marketing is one of the biggest industries in the world. The skills needed to be successful in marketing are rarely taught in schools, yet in this challenge, you will be guided through a process of developing a marketing campaign for a fake product. Use your creative skills and empathy for the people in the community who would buy your product and present it to the owners and businesses people making it. Firstly, can you make people in the community care about this product? Talk about it? Create a "buzz" around this product? Secondly, can you make people in the community open their wallet and purchase this product? Challenge accepted!

When we think about some of the best products and fads in history, we can normally go back to the marketing campaign surrounding them.  "Just do it!"-Nike  "Always Coca-Cola!"  "Finger Lickin' Good"-KFC, "Think Different"-Apple. The developers were able to think of something simple yet creative enough to get people talking about the product or service associated with the jingle.  This challenge begins with presenting the children with three products (designed by the mentors at The Study Room).  Children must choose one of the products to develop a marketing campaign around.  Throughout the next weeks, the mentor will work with children to share successful strategies and elements to include in a campaign.  Based on the elements studied, children will focus on 3-4 elements in the marketing campaign they will use to design a plan and implementation strategy.  They must then must adapt those strategies and elements to the product using print, video or combination of both.  The process will culminate with pitching the marketing campaign to the mentor and one other member of the TSR staff.  Can you create the next jingle or catchphrase that goes viral?