Creativity & Innovation



Sustainable Sculpture


July 20, 2020


July 30, 2020


3:00pm-4:00pm (Mo, We, Th)

Not only are repurposed materials practical, they are also becoming more of a trend in the art scene. In this challenge, the child will review materials around their home then make a plan to design and create a sculpture made from recyclable materials. Part of this challenge is to work within the limitations of what is accessible to the child. Challenge accepted!

Repurposed/recycled art is becoming a trend in many of the art scenes around the world. Creating something from previously used material already makes a statement of sustainability and reduced waste. Through this challenge, children will research past and present artists who use recycled material in the creation of their art pieces. Children and their mentor will look at techniques they use to develop their work, while the children begin to develop a plan. Within this plan, children will begin to visualize what they would like to communicate to their audience using the materials and medium in and around their home and community. Once started, children will receive feedback from the mentor based on their specific needs and requirements. Finally, children will work with their mentor to determine the best lighting and presentation for the completed piece. A report outlining the inspiration and purpose will accompany the finished piece of work. All items will be displayed on The Study Room's social media accounts and website.

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