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On-site Skits with Aesop's Fables


August 9, 2020


August 13, 2020


9:00am-12:pm (Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th)

Are you familiar with what a skit entails? Have you seen one performed? Have you written one in the past? Aesop’s fables are the perfect stories to learn about plot and theme. In this challenge, children will have an introduction to Aesop's life and fables. Children will learn to identify the plot and theme and then develop their own. Children will explore Skits as a form of expressive literacy and begin their own skit writing, using character and setting planners. Children love the culminating skit project as it breathes life and excitement into this challenge.

This challenge allows children to develop and enhance their expressive literacy skills. Through Aesop’s fables children will learn about plot, theme, character and setting. Next, children will decide what message they want to convey to others and how they will use a skit (a short, amusing play) to portray their message. Talk shows typically feature interviews with celebrities, as well as comic skits and monologues by the hosts. In this challenge, children will explore using precise words and phrases, telling details, and sensory language to convey a vivid picture, events, setting and characters. Children will examine how dialogue is written be able to explain how dialogue and stage directions are integral parts of a skit's script. With a message to convey and the skills to write the script for a skit, it's time to create the art piece. The final steps to this challenge will be to showcase their expressive art piece and measure their audience's reactions.

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