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July 19, 2020


July 23, 2020

The world needs products and services that make our lives better... we just need your ideas to make them happen! In this challenge, you will create a business plan for a product or service that will be presented to a panel of "investors". Do you have what it takes to turn your hard work into millions of AED?

Throughout this challenge, children will be taken through the process of analyzing the current "market" to determine a product or service which is missing from the community. Mentors encourage children to look to their immediate community and, depending on age, work outward from there.  They will be encouraged to do market research and gather data in order to be fully informed of what their community needs.  Once a product or service is identified, the mentor will work with children to develop a business plan using a differentiated action plan. Once the business plan is developed, the child will be expected to create a prototype to present to a panel of "investors". The investors will choose to support the business idea or provide feedback to make the business more successful.