Information Literacy


Community and Service

On-site Johnny Appleseed


July 19, 2020


July 23, 2020

How can we best serve our community? Why is it important? This challenge is designed to help you understand being a good citizen and getting involved in your community. You will design, carry out, and evaluate a project that addresses a need in a your community.

This Project-Based Learning Challenge is an inquiry-based challenge that uses Johnny Appleseed and his impact on the world to help children make a difference in their community. This community service challenge shows the impact of being a citizen even as a child, using 21st learning techniques. Children will learn about Johnny Appleseed, doing community service, informational writing, going through the writing process, learning about being a citizen, learning about facts, drawing, making crafts, making applesauce, singing and participating in interactive learning. Project-based learning helps children gain life skills in problem solving, investigating, and engages them in challenges. It integrates math, technology, social studies, and writing. Mentors work with children to think about solutions to their identified problem. These real life situations get children to figure out how to solve them to make their community a better place. The first step in this challenge is to identify a human need in a local community. Together with a mentor, children will dig into why that need exists, through a detailed analysis. Next, they will make a plan for change, including the physical and human resources needed, addressing any identifying obstacles. Now it's time to take action! Children measure their impact and make adjustments where needed. The final step in the challenge will be to decide on a way to communicate the measure of the impact, and reflect on the learning journey.