Critical Thinking & Problem Solving



On-site Healthy Garden


July 26, 2020


July 30, 2020


9:00am-12:00pm (Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th)

The air we breathe! Many people spend thousands of AED on air filters and appliances to keep the air clean and clear, yet there are many indoor and outdoor plants that can promote healthy air quality.  By choosing this challenge, you will learn about how to identify, plant and care for plants that are perfect for a healthy home.

COVID- 19 has presented us with the challenge to keep the air and surrounding surfaces clean.  Combine that with the need to find cost efficient healthy ways of doing this, we are presented with a very difficult challenge.  Through this challenge, children will begin by doing some research into indoor and outdoor plants that help to filter the air and compare them with the expensive alternative appliances.  They will then research steps to place, care, and propagate the plants in order to be most effective in filtering and cleaning the air in the home/space.  Once all research is complete, children will purchase, plant or propagate one of the plants for their home.

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