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On-site Ethical Fashion Show


August 23, 2020


August 27, 2020


9:00am-12pm (Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th)

Did you know that the fashion/clothing industry is one of the highest polluting industries? By choosing this challenge, you will learn about sustainable practices in the fashion industry, design and create an item of clothing from recycled materials.

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, it takes about 2,700 liters of water to produce one cotton t-shirt. The garment industry consumes and pollutes many of the world's natural resources and is an area of desperately needed growth in sustainability. The first steps of this challenge are for children to research sustainable practices related to clothing production, consumption and disposal. Secondly, children will work with the mentor to focus on one area of fashion that interests them and develop goals to make that sector more sustainable (i.e. use hemp instead of cotton to reduce the water needed for growth and production). The final steps are where a bulk of the time will be spent for this challenge.  Children will use the knowledge previously gained to design a article of clothing that follows sustainable practices. Once designed (and if resources are available), the child will create the article and share it with The Study Room during the final presentation.

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