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Endangered Animals


July 5, 2020


July 16, 2020


1:50pm-2:50pm (Su, Tu, Th)

Learning about endangered animals is a really great way for children to learn empathy and show concern for the world around them. Children innately have a desire to care for animals. This challenge helps to instill an even greater love and respect for animals! From the Siberian Tiger to the Florida Panther, Mountain Gorilla to the California Condor and the Giant Ibis, children will learn how these animals become endangered and what humans should do to ensure the protection of our animals.

This Endangered Animal Research Challenge integrates science, reading and writing. Endangered animals are animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. This means that there will be no more of these animals alive on earth. An animal is considered endangered or "threatened" when there are very few of them alive. Some animals are more threatened than others. To keep track of how at risk of becoming extinct a species may be, scientists categorize the level of risk with a different name; critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable. This research challenge guides children through the process of various research strategies as a way of finding out, the different summarizing techniques and the use of graphic organizers to gather information from different sources. Children will use Venn diagrams for comparing and contrasting different animals, looking at habitats, characteristics, life cycles, adaptations, homes, needs etc. The final step in the children's learning journey will be for them to present an awareness campaign about their research on a chosen endangered animal and what others can do to save animals from becoming endangered, in a way that inspires action and change.

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